Welcome To The World

As of 10:58, I’m officially an aunt. Welcome to the world, baby. It’s a beautiful, crazy place. It’s full of new and hard things. Nobody ever said it would be easy here. But don’t be scared; you have no reason to fear. You’ll always have one thing that will make everything possible. Love. From me and from the rest of the people who have anxiously awaited your entrance into this life. I love you already and I haven’t even seen you yet. You’re already beautiful. 

I know it must seem terrifying here. You’re away from the world you’ve always known in a new place where you don’t know how to do anything. Just breathe and we’ll take care of you. You have this incredible ability to learn and you are going to learn so much in your life.

It makes me a little sad to think of the hard things you’ll have to go through in life. It makes me want to protect you from any bruise and any heartbreak you encounter. But I can’t. However, I can promise you that part of this crazy life is about healing. And your body and soul can heal and grow. The hard things make you realize the preciousness of the wonderful things. And it’s all worth it. Your life will bring you more joy than heartache as long as you live it to the fullest. I have faith that you can and will. I have faith that you can grow to be an amazing girl. We are all blessed to have you here with us. You are precious. Always remember that. 

I’m so excited for you to be here. I’m excited for you to live your life. You have endless potential right now. You can do anything. You’re perfect.

Right now, you’re probably hungry and exhausted from the stress of arriving in this strange place. Don’t ever fear. We love you.

Welcome to the world.


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